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Reflective clothing types, functions and how to clean
- Apr 24, 2018 -

Reflective clothing types, functions and how to clean

First, the role of reflective clothing

Reflective clothing reflective vest is made of reflective materials inlaid in the main parts of clothing or vests for personal safety products at night or in bad weather, better protection of staff in outdoor work.

It is suitable for use by road workers, traffic and road authorities, road commanders, cleaners, etc. The high visibility serves as a warning and protects the safety of personnel.

When people's awareness of safety protection and reflective vests are becoming more and more popular today, what we want is not just a reflective vest, but a high-quality reflective vest with high quality, high effect, and cost-effective quality, which  makes the reflective vest is no longer a form, a kind of burden, but a real lifesaving magic weapon.

Second, the classification of reflective clothing

According to the style. reflective clothing is divided into: reflective vests, reflective T-shirts (POLO), reflective jackets, reflective pants and so on.

According to the usage, reflective clothing is divided into: reflective raincoats, sanitation workers reflective workwear, reflective riding suits, reflective uniforms, reflective casual wear, traffic police reflective clothing, outdoor reflective sportswear, reflective labor workwear, reflective overalls, special industry reflective clothing and other bodies Protective Equipment.

Third, how do you wash reflective clothing?

1. Detergent selection: Remember not to use alkaline detergents such as washing powder and soap. It is better to use neutral detergent. If you can't judge the nature of the solution, you can use bath or shampoo instead (these are generally neutral). .

2. Washing method: Dissolve the neutral detergent in cold water, put the dry reflective clothing into the soak for 20-30 minutes, then gently knead it by hand. After soaking, use a soft brush to lightly brush. After washing, spin dryer can not be used for dehydration, hanging in the shade and dry.

3. Can be soft cold wash, dry naturally, can not wring dry or dry clean.