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Requirements of gas station on workwear
- Apr 24, 2018 -

Gas station requirements for workwear

I believe many friends who drive to refuel have experienced, or seen, that if you do not pay attention to anti-static, in the gas station you will cause a lot of trouble, so the requirements for gas station overalls also increase, which after all, affect the safety of life, so more attention is paid to the requirement of uniforms at the gas station. According to China's petrochemical flammable, flammable liquid anti-static safety regulations, gas stations anti-static overalls should pay attention to the following issues.


Gas station, work clothes

Anti-static fabric

1).Because petrol is a Class 0 and Class 1 zone of hazardous of gas explosions, and the minimum ignition energy of combustibles is less than 0.25mJ, anti-static overalls shall be provided. Typical combustibles with a minimum ignition energy of 0.25 mJ are propane-based fuels, acrylonitrile, hydrogen, carbon disulfide, furan, benzene, and methanol. In the “Regulations for the Selection of Protective Equipment for Labor Protection” (GB11651-1989), it is required that the operation of flammable and explosive sites of Type A01 must be equipped with anti-static workwear; the operation of Type A02 flammable dust sites can be overcome by using anti-static jackets.

2).The "Standard for the Provision of Labor Protective Equipment (Trial)" (Safety [2000] No. 189 of the State Economic and Trade Commission) also requires gas station operators, liquefied petroleum gas tankers and similar types of work, and must be equipped with anti-static coveralls. All these are required to understand. Then how to choose anti-static clothing gas station? This is a new problem, but in front of TOPMATCHED, these problems are not a problem!

3).Therefore, the operator must wear anti-static overalls at the gas station to eliminate static electricity from the human body and must reach the electrostatic standard. This is the basic requirement for gas station uniforms. Chemical fibre fabric clothing cause a high electrostatic voltage when it is worn, and it generates static electricity, which is quite dangerous. Therefore, the uniforms of gas station employees must be anti-static fabrics or cotton fabrics. Chemical fiber garments are not allowed to be used for posts. It is also forbidden to wear and slap chemical fiber clothing at the gas stations to avoid accidents caused by static electricity.


In addition, anti-static performance of gas station anti-static clothing has a certain degree of durability. Therefore, when selecting antistatic clothing for gas stations, it is necessary to select corresponding anti-static workwear according to the washing requirements determined by the pollution situation in the workplace.

Anti-static overalls are used in fire and explosion sites. Therefore, anti-static overalls with flame retardant properties should be selected to provide workers with more reliable protection.