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What is reflective fabric?
- Aug 20, 2018 -

What is reflective fabric?

What is reflective fabric? What are the classifications?

Generally, I divide the reflective fabric into two categories, one is a conservative reflective fabric, and the other is a reflective printing fabric. However, the reflective printing fabric can also be called a crystal color grid, which is the latest reflective fabric material launched, and can be printed.

In the traditional sense, the reflective fabric is a reflective fabric that can be sewn on various fabrics and on the substrate. It is a relatively high-grade accessory, which is fully applied to reflective clothing, various professional wear, casual wear, sportswear. , fashion, hats, gloves, backpacks, shoes, personal protective equipment, etc., can also be made into a variety of reflective products and decoration products, which can increase security.

The reflective printing fabric is not only a cloth-based crystal micro prismatic, but also a cloth-based reflective material composed of the structure of the micro-prism of the crystal color series.

Crystal color micro prismatic is a kind of new information that can be reflective and can be printed. The first features are:

1).Excellent reflective ability: based on the regression of the microprism to achieve the reflection effect, the reflection intensity reaches 300 cd/lx/m2.

2).It can be directly printed, and the appearance of the crystal color micro prismatic is PVC polymer material, which absorbs ink very strongly, and can directly carry out the inkjet effect.

The material of micro prismatic is composed of fiber component and PVC calendered film. The fiber synthetic base layer has superior tension performance. It can be directly printed and directly tensioned with ordinary inkjet cloth. PVC calendered film is not dried in coating. After the glue is applied, it can be directly applied to any place with a clean appearance.

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