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How does reflective fabric work?
- Oct 26, 2018 -

How does reflective fabric work?

The production of reflective fabrics uses the principle of retro reflection. The reflective fabric is made of a base fabric, a binder and micro glass beads. And various processing technologies including coatings and composite materials, as well as hot pressing and other processing methods are imperative.The micro glass bead for producing high and silver reflective fabrics are half coated with aluminum to improve the reflective coefficient significantly. Highly reflective glass beads coated on the surface of the cloth work by reflecting only light back to the source, such as the headlights of a car. In other words, the reflective tape is illuminated only by the person with the light source or by a person who is consistent with it. This happens because the tape contains glass beads or prisms that collect light, focus and reflect it back to the light source.

How is it done? Imagine you are in a round room, you are in the center of the room. If you throw the ball to the wall, it will always come back to you. Reflective fabrics or reflective tapes work in a similar manner. The figure below shows how glass beads or prisms do this.


Since the light scatters little when the light returns, the reflective fabric or tape is the brightest for the observer located near the original source, so it helps the eye to perceive the light in low light conditions. Usually, a man wearing a reflective cloth can see the darkness of a driver 100 meters away, which can certainly avoid traffic accidents.

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