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The materials used for plush toys
- Jul 02, 2018 -

The materials used for plush toys:
1. Eyes: Also divided into plastic eyes, crystal eyes, cartoon eyes, moving eyes and so on.
2. Nose: Also divided into plastic nose, flocking nose, nasal bag, matte nose and so on.
3. Ribbon (Ribbon): Specify the color, the number of small, or the specified style, please note the number of orders.

4. Plastic bags: (PP bag American products commonly used, cheaper, European products must use PE bag; PE bag is not transparent enough pp bag, but pp bag is easier to wrinkle and easy to break), PVC only as packaging materials can be used (DEHP content must be limited to 3%/Square.), heat shrinkable film is used in color box packaging, as a protective film.
5. Carton: (divided into two types) Double Leng A=b, A=c, B=b, B=c, C=c, three Leng, a three B also have (such as Backpack series Use this kind), unless the customer specifies, usually export the outer box all uses the a=b, the Small size export outer box may consider uses the b=b or the b=c.
Before you order the carton, you should first select the genuine supplier, first confirm the paper provided by the Carton factory, note that each may not be the same, to choose genuine, but also should pay attention to the quality of each batch of goods, to prevent suppliers to use substandard products as authentic, in addition to weather humidity, rainy season and other factors may also cause adverse effects on paper.Tan Len b33,c33 and so on usually do inside box, or domestic delivery turnover carton, external paper and the quality of the inside determines the carton's hardness.

6. Cotton: Divided into 7D, 6D, 15D, and A, B, C-class, we usually use 7d/a level, 6D less. Low-grade products or fortified products that are very hard to apply 15d/b or C.7D very smooth and flexible, 15D more coarse. According to the fiber length, also divided into 64MM and 32MM cotton.
The former is used for manual punching, while the latter is used for machine punching cotton. The general practice is to feed their own pine cotton, to ensure that the loose cotton workers operate correctly, there is sufficient number of loose cotton, so that cotton completely loosened to achieve good elasticity.If the effect of loose cotton is not good, the amount of cotton will cause a lot of waste.

7. Colloidal particles: (PP, PE), the diameter should be greater than 3MM, smooth and uniform particles. Exports of European products are usually more environmentally friendly, exports to the United States in addition to customer requirements, available PP or pe,pp cheaper.
In addition to the guest specifically indicated, all export products must be packaged in bags.
8. Plastic parts: Ready-made plastic parts, the body can not be changed, such as size, size, shape, etc., otherwise need to open the mold, general plastic mold cost expensive, thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, depending on the mold size, process difficulty, mold material selection, it is usually produced under 300,000 of the production order, will be a separate mold fee.
9. (color) Printing: including color box, tag, stickers and so on, color printing prices and orders are directly related to the number, if the order is small, the number of printed paper, easy to create a large color difference, uneven colors, the proportion of manufacturers to increase, so the unit price must be high.
The implementation of the unit price of the printed matter should pay attention to whether including film, proofing, plastic polishing and other costs, the customer specified pattern, preferably by the customer to provide film and color draft, and color ratio (, so as to speed up the speed and accuracy of playing board.)
10. Bushi, woven Mark Category: Must be through 21 pounds of pull, so now more to use thick belt.
11. All kinds of colors of cotton belt, ribbon, wire rope, Rubber Bar Category: to pay attention to distinguish between raw material texture, product quality and cost impact.
12. Magic Stickers, buckle type, zipper Category: The Magic sticker attention to high adhesion fastness