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Standard for materials used in plush toys
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Standard for materials used in plush toys

1, in view of Europe and the United States and other countries on the safety of toys and foreign consumers because of security issues to the domestic toy manufacturers to claim frequent occurrences.

The safety of toys must be highly valued by the people concerned.
A, manual needles, must be placed on a fixed soft package, can not be directly inserted in the toy, so that people leave the needle out;B, broken needle must find another section of the needle, and then the two sections of the needle reported to the workshop team head, in exchange for new needles, can not find the broken needle toys must go through the probe detector; c, each hand can only send a work needle.All steel tools should be placed uniformly and not placed at will;D, the correct use of brush hair with steel brush, brush hair finish, to use hand hopelessly brush hair.
2, the toy body accessories, including eyes, nose, buttons, ribbons, bow ties, etc., may be children (consumers) ripped down swallowed, dangerous, so must be all accessories set firmly, and meet the tensile requirements.
A, the eye, the nose must withstand the 21LBS pull;
b, ribbons, flowers, buttons must withstand the tensile force of 4LBS;
C, post inspectors must often test the pull of the above accessories, and sometimes found problems, and with engineers and workshops to solve;
3, all packaging toys with plastic bags, must be printed on the warning language, and in its bottom hole, so as to prevent children set in the head dangerous.
4, all filamentous, mesh must have warning language, age signs.
5, toys all fabrics, accessories must not have toxic chemical substances exist, lest children tongue licking risk;
6, the box can not have scissors, drills and other metal items left behind.

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