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Reflective Strips
- Apr 17, 2018 -

A reflective strip can be embedded on an object and enhanced at night or in the dark Like the ability to be illuminated by light and the object is formed with a first embedded part, the reflective strip comprises a reflective piece and a protective part, wherein the reflective piece is a component which can increase the reflective marking effect, and the protective part has a holding part and a second embedded part connected with the capacitance part to accommodate the reflective part by the accommodating part, The second embedded part may be embedded in the first embedded part, it is not only easy to set on the object, but also without the use of tools can be easily disassembled to connect to the object, and to facilitate the replacement of new reflective strips, providing a easy to replace and has a wide range of industrial use of reflective strips. Reflective strips are a very common safety device that reflects light around the night and can be a cautionary tale for passers-by and drivers.