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Traffic signs reflective film
- Jun 01, 2018 -

Traffic signs reflective film:

Reflective film is a film can be directly used in the reverse reflective material, but also the most widely used as a reverse reflective material. 1937, the world's first reflective film in the United States 3M Company Laboratory was born. This is the beginning of the history of large-scale application of reflective film in traffic signs. 1939, in the United States, Minnesota Highway, the first time in the open air conditions using a Scotchlite TM reflective film made of signs, since then, opened a series of reflective products for traffic signs of the new era, creating a new traffic safety industry.
This year, the United States national standards of Traffic Signs (1939 edition of the United States "Unified Traffic Control Facility manual", Manual of United traffic controls Devices, 1939) formally stipulates that the use of reflective film to create traffic signs.
Since then, along with the chemical industry, especially the development of synthetic resins, research and development agencies to continuously study innovation, the use of glass beads technology, synthetic resin technology, film technology and coating technology, has developed a series of high-quality reverse reflective products. Starting in the 1940s, this first-made reflective film, dubbed "Engineering Grade" reflective film, was widely used for road traffic signs. Since then, used for clothing and other personal safety protection areas of reflective film, such as a series of products, but also with the advent of synthetic resin, social development needs, have been developed. Since then, along with a series of materials technology and optical technology research results, especially the appearance of micro-prism reflective material, so that the first mainly used for traffic signs of reflective materials, began to gradually be updated, better reflective materials replaced.