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Iron-on Reflective Webbing Tape

Iron-on Reflective Webbing Tape

Attachment Tape: Sew On Daytime Color: Customized Backing fabric: Grosgrain tape Heat transfer film: silver or high reflective heat transfer film Reflective coefficient: Up to 420 cd/lx.m2

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Iron-on reflective webbing tape

Attachment Tape:Sew On
Daytime Color:Customized
Backing fabric:Grosgrain tape
Heat transfer film:silver or high reflective heat transfer film
Reflective coefficient:Up to 420 cd/lx.m2
Home Wash Cycles :Up to 50 cycles  @60°C (140°F)
Width:1.5*5cm, 2*5cm(customizable)
Application:Widely used on high visibility garments.


  • 1. Composed of reflective heat transfer film being heat applied on durable and sturdy webbings.

  • 2. The width is customizable for both transfer film and webbing.

  • 3. All colors of webbing available for choosing.

  • 4. Reflective part enhances nighttime visibility, while colorful webbing has excellent warning performance in daytime.

  • 5. Suitable for sewing on high visibility garment, sportswear, caps, bags, shoes etc. and provide perfect protection for both daytime and nighttime.

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