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Lens sealing type reflective film
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Lens sealing type (high strength grade) reflective film: Lens sealed reflective film is a kind of durable glass bead reflective film, the industry used to be called "High-strength grade" reflective film, in 1972 Research and development success.
"High-strength" from the English High Intensive beads (Hib), in the later chapters, but also "high grade" as the main title. The high strength grade reflective film, which is manufactured by qualified technology and material, is at least twice times higher than the reflective coefficient of the engineering grade reflective film, and the internal vacuum bracket structure also solves the problem of condensation dew on the sign board due to the temperature change, thus further enhances the reflective ability of the material. The material was published in the 1970s, in compliance with the speed at that time, the road conditions to improve the needs of technological progress, was successfully used to make traffic signs, saving a lot of life.
Compared with the engineering grade reflective film, even if the logo in a larger angle and bright areas, high-strength reflective film to make the logo more clearly visible, effectively predict the road ahead of the driver dangerous situation. High-grade reflective film using glass bead reflective technology, because of its product structure innovation, has more than engineering grade reflective film unparalleled reflective brightness and angle performance, but at the same time, but also because the high strength of their own structure led to some difficult to overcome the product defects, such as the product brittle and easy to tear, wrinkle, bubble, surface honeycomb protuberance, Production of high energy consumption, large emissions.
The limitation of glass bead Technology also hinders the improvement of high strength level to higher brightness and better angle. High-grade reflective film is also a material with gum, generally divided into two types of pressure-sensitive and heat-sensitive type. The use of similar inks using screen printing technology can produce various types of patterns. High-grade reflective film is generally by the light transmittance and weathering performance of a good resin film as the surface, the second layer is the vacuum layer, the third layer is embedded micro-glass beads, the fourth layer of metal reflective coating, the fifth layer for the resin bearing layer, sixth layer is adhesive, seventh layer backing paper.